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PowerPoint Add-in
Vox Proxy works through an add-in program for Microsoft PowerPoint® (2000 or newer) that allows you to use Microsoft Agent Technology to provide talking, animated characters within your slide shows. Vox Proxy appears right on PowerPoint’s main menu.
Agent Characters Included
Vox Proxy comes with 29 Microsoft Agent Characters and will work with other Agent-compatible characters. Click here to see a gallery of characters. All but four of these characters are included with Vox Proxy. Those four (Susan, Tom, Simon, and Doc) are available at extra cost.

Simple Agent Scripts
Vox Proxy uses a highly simplified, yet very powerful script to control agent characters and other features on each slide. Scripts are created using Vox Proxy's click-simple wizards, where everything is available in drop-down lists. Scripts are simplified by defaulting nearly everything necessary for Agent control. You can change slides or call up PowerPoint animations within the script. Here’s a sample:

Show Paul at Left Center The character Paul appears left-center on the slide
Explain Paul gestures to explain
Say Welcome to Vox Proxy! He speaks…
Point45 He aims his pointer toward the upper-right (45 degree angle)
Click Signal PowerPoint to bring up its next text bullet
Say Our first topic will be blah blah… More speech…
PointLeft Point toward the right side of the slide (Paul’s left)
Click Tell PowerPoint to bring up it's next text bullet
Say Next, we’ll talk about blah blah… More speech…
NextSlide Go to the next slide

Multiple characters can be controlled just as easily. Vox Proxy’s smart defaults automatically take care of timing issues like characters waiting for each other or making sure PowerPoint’s animations wait for the character, yet it provides you with simple options to allow simultaneous activities.

Convenient Development Environment
Think of a script as simply a hidden text-box on each slide. The text in this text-box is the script. You edit this text using Vox Proxy’s Script Writer. The script and slide appear side-by-side on the screen. The Script Writer appears over the left-hand frame of PowerPoint’s Normal View, with the slide appearing in the right-hand frame. This provides a very convenient environment for creating and editing slide shows. Characters can be positioned on the slide by simply dragging them into place. Like any other text box, scripts are saved within the slides themselves. So if you move or copy slides, the scripts stay with them.
Scripts Run with Slide Shows
Vox Proxy allows you to turn its "Run Mode" on or off as desired. When turned on, your VP scripts will run automatically when you run the slide show. When off, you can run the slide show on its own, without Vox Proxy.
"Let me get one thing clearly across. Vox Proxy is addictive. Until you have seen it perform, you'll never know what you are missing."
Powerful Wizard
Vox Proxy’s Script Editor has a powerful Wizard that allows you to develop your entire script from drop-down lists and click-simple selections. The only thing you need to type is the speech text itself.
Power Scripting Menu
Smart Characters Help Write Your Script
The characters themselves have a unique development menu which also helps to simplify writing your scripts. By right-clicking on a character, you can select a drop-down list of animations which the character will demonstrate for you as you scroll though it. When you find the animation you want, a single click will place the selected animation command into your script. After dragging the character on the screen, another selection on the right-click menu will insert a MoveTo command into the script which will move the character to that location on the slide. Similarly, a Show command can be inserted to show a new character at that location.
Versatile Script Macros
Vox Proxy lets you write script macros that are not associated with any PowerPoint presentation, but can be called within any slide. You can execute Macros from a shortcut or by double-clicking on the macro file. Macros can also run a PowerPoint slide show, even specifying the starting and ending slides.
"Vox Proxy is such an easy program to use. You'll be creating knock-your-socks-off presentations in no time!"
Speech Pronunciation Dictionary
Vox Proxy contains has an amazingly simple facility which gives you the power of the Agent Control’s "speech mapping", but without any of the complexity: a pronunciation dictionary. It allows you to set up a dictionary of special words or phrases whose pronunciation by the TTS Engine may not be what you want. These words and phrases will appear normally in your script (and in the characters’ speech balloons), but will be "mapped" to a different pronunciation when spoken by a character. And it’s all automatic. The pronunciation dictionary contains a "global" list, which applies to all presentations as well as a "local" list, which applies just to the presentation or macro you’re working on.

Other Advanced Features
There are many other advanced features in Vox Proxy at your fingertips if you need them, such as:

  • Pre-defined and user-defined variables
  • Built-in variables include &date, &time, &day, &month, &year, &tod (time of day - morning, afternoon, etc.) plus speech tags and many others
  • Features to help you use voice commands, message boxes, and selection lists for presentations that are fully interactive with the user.
"Vox Proxy is a great innovation in providing quality, self-paced, effective training."

Great MultiMedia features

  • Play audio, video, and flash movies
  • Characters can narrate the media
  • Fade the audio in or out - for example, when characters will be talking
  • Synchronize character speech and actions with media using built-in or user-defined timers
  • Display Excel worksheets or Word documents in windows within the slide show
  • Read and write data from worksheets or text files
"There's no learning curve with Vox Proxy. It took me all of 30 minutes with the Wizard before I was writing scripts of my own!"

Now available with AT&T Natural Voices
Vox Proxy characters speak using built-in TruVoice Text-To-Speech engines, or they can speak using your own recorded voices. Included with the standard TTS engine are voices in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and British English. Now, you can also order state-of-the-art Natural Voices from AT&T Labs. The AT&T Natural Voices TTS Engine is the most realistic, human-sounding synthetic speech system available today. Natural Voices are available in US English, British English, French, Spanish, and German.

CLICK HERE to visit our Natural Voices page, where you can listen to sample voices. Click on a button below to listen to sample voices.

Mike Crystal Arnaud Alberto
Click on a button above to listen to sample voices.

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